Why can’t India create a million jobs in the field of sports?


Why our government neglects the sports industry that can offer immense possibilities in money-making and creating jobs is unknown.  

Who cries the most when any country initiates workforce nationalization? Who else other than Indians? A great sovereign republic we are, and having such a great platform it’s a pity to go on our knees behind other countries to save our future. Why can’t we employ our citizens? Why can’t India offer a better fortune to scientists, doctors, engineers et al?

The reasons are countless. India is a vastly occupied country, and it does not have adequate research facilities that of NASA. The best part of our talent possibly goes abroad to pursue their dreams. India compromises herself with the second class or third class brains and brawns that remain here. What have we done to change this situation? Nothing!!!

If the experts make a try they can definitely transform India into a vast promising space for themselves and for others. But the trend shows that they usually abstain themselves from such advancements because of their fear of failure. We salute the minority who toiled hard to make India better. Vikram Sarabhai, APJ Abdul Kalam, are some of the personalities who proved illustrious. A new Kharvapasi has to be initiated to go and get the talent pool to India like the earlier one prepared by Jawaharlal Nehru through the ‘Scientists Pool Scheme’.

Brain drain is not the issue going to be discussed here. The endeavour is to ignite your mind by portraying some essential aspects of an industry that could employ millions of our population and provide much more benefits to our nation. 

It is none other than the industry of Sports. In developed countries such as the USA, UK, Canada and Australia sports is considered one of the biggest industries. It is showering them billions of dollars and other supplementary benefits. American Sports industry is worth $422 billion and employs 1% of the population! The sports industry employs 2% of the population in the UK and 4% in Australia. The case is not different from other developed countries. A major share of the population finds their daily bread from the field of sports.

How many opportunities did our sports industry offer? The Ministry of Sports has not updated the data yet. Nowhere could we find accurate data. It is approximately around 0.05% in India. Suppose if it becomes 1%, double the number of people could be employed. The sports industry provides not only job opportunities but health, happiness and a sort of empowerment. Giving due importance to the industry can cut down our health care expenditure as well. 

Cricket is seen as the sole profitable sports business in India. In the global scenario football and basketball are rather equally money-spinning. In India, every sport except cricket is running at a loss. Why is it so? Cricket administrators have their brains in their heads. For others, it is in the belly. Stop supporting the IT industry. Now, it has reached the paramount of development and even making a drastic, unconstructive growth. It no longer needs a backing system. Instead of building IT parks from village to village, prepare to build stadiums that can constructively boost up the sports sector.

The sports sector may comprise several segments.

The reason behind why our government neglects this industry that can offer immense possibilities in money-making and creating jobs is unknown. It is really fortunate that the Indian Sports industry is growing without any specific policy support from our government.

Indian Premier League, Indian Super League, Pro-kabaddi etc and private sports institutions like Tenvic, Edusports etc are the best examples of the rising trend. We should estimate the number of opportunities that we could excavate from the industry – especially in professional sports, recreation sports, sports tourism, school/college sports, sports medicine etc. Sports tournaments should come under the control of professional sports managers. The sports authorities should be made accountable for the money spent by the government on various sports activities. It should be answered through better performances and better financial outputs. If the funds are allotted to clubs and associations in the form of loans or refundable grants they will remain indebted and become responsible.

Sports startups should be helped and given concessions like that of IT startups. This can bring about considerable changes in the field of sports in India. More opportunities, better income, a healthy population, less anti-social elements. Believe in sports. It will bring us fortune. 

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