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Laxmi Pandrala, India’s leading sports nutritionist talks about her journey

Laxmi Pandrala is one of India’s leading sports nutritionists, who is associated with big sports brands like Abhinav Bindra Targeting Performance, Indian Cricketers, national & International Players from different sports, Sports Nutrition consultant for The Sports School Bangalore. She is also an innovative sports nutritionist, who started LAMI.FIT APP, India’s best nutrition app – one-stop solution for all nutrition & wellness requirements. Pandrala has more than nine years of experience in Sports & Wellness Nutrition.

Why do you become a Sports Nutritionist, which is comparatively an unknown career?
Nutrition as such is a vast area and there is so much to learn on a daily basis. So much research is being carried out in this area. Besides, sports nutrition is so fascinating and very intriguing. I just happened to get into it and fell in love as I got more and more involved.
There is a lot one can pursue and learn in the sports nutrition category.

What is the importance of a Sports Nutritionist in the career of an athlete?
A Sports nutritionist plays a very important role in the career of an athlete. A sports nutritionist advises athletes on nutritional regimes that will help them to have optimal performance and understand the effects that foods have on the human body. At the most basic level, nutrition is important for athletes because it provides a source of energy required to perform the activity. The food athletes eat impacts their strength, training, performance and recovery.  
Not only is the type of food important for sports nutrition but the times we eat throughout the day also has an impact on our performance levels and our bodies ability to recover after exercising.

What do you like the most about your profession?
I get to travel a lot, I love that. Jokes apart, it is challenging every day, every person is different, every person reacting to your guidance will be different so it’s a new process, new learning every day. It will keep you on your toes all the time and the satisfaction you get from the difference you make in someone’s life, I guess nothing beats that.:)

We hope you get enough time to relax in between your busy schedules. If so, what do you like doing when you are not working?
I like my work, so I am constantly working on new avenues to improve in, how to make it more friendly for people and reach out to more and more people. I do (shopping) a lot on the internet, read a lot of research articles, watch movies and travel of course. Once in a while, I paint.

You are not just a sports nutritionist, but an entrepreneur too. Please tell us about your entrepreneurial journey?
Entrepreneurship happened as an extension of my profession. happened while brainstorming how to reach more people to extend our services in nutrition.
My partner Amol, IISC alumni, came up with the idea of and the journey so far has been great. We wanted to have nutrition at the fingertips of all Indians. There is a lack of awareness and reach if a person wants to reach out to a nutritionist. Besides, there is no availability, that’s how came into existence.

Laxmi Pandrala with Women of the Future Award

What are your future plans?
Quite a few in the pipeline. We recently launched  LamiDNA in which we provide DNA test based nutrition plans, the best in the industry, with 110+ biomarkers at a very affordable price. A DNA test once in a lifetime test is like knowing the answers to your body make-up, so you are better prepared for the future. Our nutrition plans are very much hyper-personalised.

What is the secret behind your success? We also want to know your fitness secret.
Wow!!! Yeah, that’s a huge statement, we are still in the process. It’s a long journey but we will make it. Currently, we have 35000+ plus users registered on the platform, growing every day, touching lives every day.
‘Get better Everyday with’ that’s our motto.
My fitness secret is simple, my diet. We all know it is 80% food and 20% fitness, so I watch what I eat, keep myself physically active, hang around with my friends to relax, talk to reach out to, my family… that’s my secret

What are the major challenges you faced in your profession and business?
Challenges are not hurdles actually they make you think or look at the situation from a different angle, makes you think more innovatively, so I would say we learned a lot in the process and here we are. We knew it would not be easy, and patience is needed at every step, so yes like any other business or person there were a few.

Amidst success, do you have any disappointment?
None at all. Sometimes, I would think ‘Why didn’t I start this earlier?’

What is your advice for our readers and people who want to work in sports?
Sports is the need of the hour and is a fast-growing industry in India. More companies are entering the Indian sports sector which has been government-led with private participation limited to public-private partnerships in infrastructure development and sports academics. This balance has shifted in recent years and the Indian sports market grew almost 10 per cent between 2013 and 2015, from $870 million to $950 million, this is partly being driven by India’s consumer class which provides a large viewer base for professional sports and is luring greater sponsorship money. So now you know where the future is !!

Laxmi Pandrala with her team is a nutrition and preventive health tech company (featured in silicon magazine and most promising health app 2020 ). They are experts in sports, wellness & medical nutrition with more than 35000+ clients (including elite athletes, cricketers, tennis players, badminton players, international runners, govt IAS/IPS officers) and 2.1 million foods are tracked on their platform.

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