De Villiers was Never a Prodigy at Different Sports


AB de Villiers is one of the greatest batsmen of all time. The game and the fans are fortunate as de Villiers chose cricket, even though he represented junior South Africa national teams in badminton, hockey, athletics, soccer, rugby, golf, swimming, and tennis, right? No, you’re wrong.

You may have seen many articles and social media posts celebrating the multitalented de Villiers. However, all this is a fabricated story. De Villiers himself revealed this in his book AB de Villiers – The Autobiography.’

The Internet is a fantastic platform that has changed the world and empowered billions of people. It is also a place where complete falsehoods and exaggerations can be authoritatively presented as facts and repeated and repeated and to a point where they effectively become ‘facts’”, says de Villiers in the chapter, ‘The All Rounder’, where he denies all these false claims.

Sky Sports, one of the leading sports news organisations, created this sensational yet fake story during their build-up to the 2015 World Cup. Since then many respected news websites published the same story praising the versatile de Villiers. The sad part is that the story is still going strong and becoming all the more stronger with each passing birthday of de Villiers.

He never represented South Africa at junior levels in any of the sports mentioned above, with tennis the only exception. He played tennis well during his school days and occasionally ranked as the national no.1 in his age group.

De Villiers only played a single badminton game in his entire life, that too with his national cricket teammate Mark Boucher. Regarding Soccer, he only played it during the South African cricket team’s warm-up routine.

The Internet is a great platform to learn and engage. However, there are many people who are misusing the platform to share false news, and with the advent of social media, misinformation is spread like wildfire. It was good on de Villiers that he denied the claims, but not many out there have the same attitude as of his.

They enjoy and soak in all the applause they receive with every disinformation which glorifies them.

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